Mindless knitting

August 17, 2006 @ 4:08 am
posted by kris

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Oooh http://levitrapharmacy-generic.com/ look! I’m posting about knitting! Over the recent holidays and evenings, I’ve been doing some mindless knitting – the hat (pictured a few days ago) and these dishcloths. I love making these for christmas gifts. People like them a lot too. I have cialis online never done the multi color ones (from Anchor levitra pen Magic) but I really like them. I hope to get more done over the next few months.

I really wish I plavix dosage had more time for knitting. I mean LONG periods of time where I can actually finish something besides baby hats. I don’t think I have the patience to do something like a sweater anymore, but the cold winters here sure do make it a little tempting. Also the availability of non-european 40 on clomid yarns really sucks here. I do want to try socks, there are so many people out there that love sock knitting, it sounds like fun. Who knows, that might be my new obsession. Now if I can just make up my mind about what yarn to use and plavix with eliquis what pattern!

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A package waiting for me

August 3, 2006 @ 11:45 pm
posted by kris
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So when I got home today, I had a special package waiting for me from my SP8. She is from England. It arrived a couple of days after I left for Hawaii so it’s been sitting around for about a week. I told Michael not to open it because I wanted to get the “full surprise”! And a surprise it was! She sent me an awesome package with a vintage knitting needle box filled with vintage needles of all different sizes, an organic handmade sweet smelling soap, Mission Falls “Just Kidding” book (I’ve been wanting this one forever!), TWO, count em TWO adorable sweaters (knitted by her) for the boys, a framed “R” and “E” hand colored letters ready to hang in their room, and 3 Mission Falls yarns! What a great SP8 I have! I am so lucky!!!

On first opening, look at how pretty everything is!
ooooohhhhh, Mission Falls Yarns, my favorite!!!
what pretty colors!
Look at these vintage hand colored letters!
And the most incredible of all, she knitted these TWO sweaters for the boys!!! Aren’t they the coolest?
Here is the whole package unwrapped

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