An Update

December 31, 2006 @ 2:08 am
posted by kris

Knit Picks Simple Stripes in Cocoa and Simple Stripes (can’t remember the colorway).
Knit Picks Simple Stripes detail

I have been knitting a lot too, which is weird since it’s so dang hot here. I guess it’s because I bought a lot of yarn and I feel like I should do something with it rather than just have it looking at me. I finished one foot of the Knit Picks “Simple Stripes” socks with Cocoa. I made a few modifications since I couldn’t get any dpns smaller than US2. I had to leave out one pattern section on the foot because it would’ve been too long. Bummer too because it is cool. I also changed the height of the ribbed section on the cuff as well as the toe shaping (I made it the standard “side” shaping). I don’t like the cocoa as the base color, I wish I had black. I was going to order black, but noticed that they are out of stock until after the middle of January. Bummer. I am also posting the picture of Michael wearing his new Jaywalker socks, which I finished last month. He likes it a lot even though it is hard to put on. It is super form fitting and warm. I think the colors are a little too flashy though.

Magknits Jaywalker with Lorna’s Laces Supersock Mixed Berries

What else? Nothing much. We had a couple of days of rain so the boys couldn’t play outside, but it looks like it’s getting sunny again. My allergies seem to not be as bad (maybe it was just a cold), but it is so frustrating not being able to taste all the ono food.

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