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got malabrigo?

November 30, 2007 @ 11:58 am
posted by kris
Filed under: misc

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flickr group!!!

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I am very thankful

November 24, 2007 @ 3:12 am
posted by kris
Filed under: misc,secret pal

We don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving anymore. One, we’re in Germany where we don’t get a holiday on Thursday and Friday. Two, we don’t have a whole lot of family here to celebrate with. Three, you need to order a turkey like 2 weeks to a month in advance. And finally Four, I can’t cook a darn turkey or anything else for that matter. And again Five, I’m freaking lazy and would rather be knitting. In previous years, we have been invited over to other people’s houses for dinner, but I think they’re onto us and realize that we’re just moochin’ off of them. ;)

I am very thankful for having a wonderful family who makes me laugh AND cry at the same time and who will put up with my extreme focus on knitting and other pursuits. The boys can drive me up the wall, but then be incredibly sweet and funny a moment later. And also for a husband who is very patient and supportive and still cracks me up.

I am also thankful for the many packages I received today. The first one is from my SP11, Heli in Finnland. She emailed me and said “the last viagra levitra cialis package will be a small plavix with protonix interaction one” and OMG, she totally lied and surprised me! All of her packages had a color theme – the first one was blue, the next was red, and this one is greeeeeeenn! I got one big skein of a Finnish lamb yarn, which she says felts really nicely, one 150g skein of 75/25 sock yarn, 200g of a bamboo/nylon blend, chocolate (of course!) and a cute little wood mouse pin, which was made in a place that is only 1 km from where she lives. She has been an amazing accutane dosage pal and my stash has been super greatly enhanced. I think all the yarn she sent me probably will take up one of my bins! (pictures coming soon)

The next package I got was from Finnland as well, from a Katrina(?). I am so sorry, but I don’t remember what this was for! I am totally drawing a blank!!! She sent me some really cool “pre yarn” that she says could either be knitted up as is and then felted or could be needle felted, or I could give it to Elem or Fbz and have them spin it up for me! ;) And then she included some Green & Black’s Almond chocolate. This person obviously knows me and it’s driving me nuts not knowing who this is. I really do apologize for not remembering – please email me or comment to let me know! (pictures coming soon)

Are Finnish people cool or what? I love them!!! On an unrelated note, why is Grape Nuts neither grapes nor nuts? Discuss.

I have been feverishly knitting hats for gifts for the boys’ kindergarten teachers. I knitted 3 so far so I have one more to go. First I planned to make them socks, then it was scarves and now that I’m so pressured for time, buy viagra online cheap hats. They take only a day cialis pills online or two to make and is very useful. I have seen all of them wearing knitted hats (albeit store bought) so I’m sure they will put these to good use. Michael has been bothering me to make one for him too, so somehow I need to squeeze that into the mix. He also wants a scarf too. I guess since he ultimately pays for the yarn I should at least do that for him! :)

On Sunday we are going to have a birthday party for the boys, they will be 3 next Tuesday. My, how time flies! They like to say “buzz ear” and “ee eeinee … an ayon!” I’m wondering if anyone else knows what they’re saying? C’mon take a guess…

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Die WollBox – why did you hide from me?

November 23, 2007 @ 5:09 pm
posted by kris
Filed under: yarn

I was reading the German Ravelry posts and came across this little gem of a store called Die Wollbox. They have Noro, Peaches & Cream, Sublime, Trekking (have you seen the hand dyed sock yarn – only 3 colors but daaayyyuuuummm!), Cascade 220 and some others. Not an indie dyer, and not the greatest yarn – but it’s stuff that is NOT NORMAL in a lot of german yarn stores and the prices really aren’t that bad. It’s expensive if compared to the US (esp with the exchange rate) but if you only want a little sumthin’ sumthin’, it’s a great place. Must…not…place…order…AND THEY HAVE KNIT PICKS NEEDLES!!!! I’m about to pee my pants.

Also, I got a shipment of malabrigo worsted in…can I just roll around in it now?

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Hanami Stole is DONE!

November 19, 2007 @ 12:26 am
posted by kris

I am in love, love, love!

OK, it was done awhile ago, but I haven’t posted any pictures. And I even posted pictures a few days ago but haven’t written a post! See how I work?

Let me just say that the marriage between the Hanami Stole and Marisilk is meant to be. It is gorgeous!! I only wish I could’ve used up more yarn. I had about 1/2 – 1/3 skein left and I would’ve loved for the stole to be longer. For those of you who don’t know – Marisilk is the same as the Handmaiden Sea Silk. Y-U-M-M-Y!!!

I would even go as far to say that I would make another one in Wollmeise laceweight or even sock weight. But it wouldn’t have the beautiful sheen that the marisilk has. But it would be heavier and I like things to have substance! We’ll see. By the way, I frogged the one in the malabrigo laceweight. Too dang light for me!

Pattern: Hanami Stole by Melanie
Yarn: Sheepaints Marisilk in Berryshine (1.5+ skeins), beads are size 8 clear with silver lining
Needles: Knit Picks 3mm classic circ needles
Started: October 21, 2007
Completed: November 1, 2007

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So how did I do?

@ 12:12 am
posted by kris
Filed under: misc

I hate stripes, even ones this precious!

After the post about Getting Stuff Done, I figured I should tell you that I DID get it all done. Of course, it took me a week and a half, but still. I got it done! :) The Billy Reid pattern is getting test knitted now, my pictures of my projects are up and in Ravelry and those were the two outstanding things from the other week.

Things have been quiet knitting wise. I am working on a baby bolero (?) for a friend’s baby called “Striped Lily the Pink”. The colors are just gorgeous, but I hate stripes with a passion. Especially 4 colored stripes. That means a LOT of ends. A LOT! I don’t know how many of you listen to the podcast, but I was complaining about it. I don’t know how many stitches to weave it into, because I’m so paranoid that it’s going to come out. And then I don’t know how short to cut the hanging yarn. I don’t like it too short because then it will poke out. And too long will look sloppy. Ahhh, the dilema. But aren’t you surprised that it’s a garment and not an accesory??? I finished the back, and almost done with one front. I soooo can’t wait for it to be done. It will be cute, for sure, but a freaking pain. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth all this trouble. If only I had the forsight to do it in one color. But it’s just not as cute.

I am also making slow progress on my Poisonous Firestarters and changed the pattern around a bit. I made it a eye of partridge heel and then won’t do a ribbed leg, I’ll just do a ribbed cuff and keep the leg in stockinette with the pattern down the side. I am very happy with it!

And also, if any of you readers are in Texas (Houston) or Hawaii, let me know, I will be in the states in Dec and Jan and would love to meet up with other knitters!

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Looking for a soap cover pattern

November 10, 2007 @ 6:12 pm
posted by kris
Filed under: patterns

UPDATE: Thanks to the awesome people who commented – it was on Ravelry after all. I swore I searched for “soap” and didn’t see it. Really, I did look! But it is called a “soap sweater” and was just what I was looking for! You guys rock, thanks again!

This is driving me nuts. I remember reading somewhere about a “soap cozy” (or something like that) where you knit around a bar of soap (it’s not a bag with a drawstring) and then it felts down whenever it’s used. Anyone know of the pattern? It seems easy enough, but I wanted to see it again before making it and it’s driving me nuts because I can’t find it. It was for one of those oval soaps and not a square bar. Or maybe this was my imagination? Dammit, I knew I should’ve bookmarked it! If anyone knows it, please tell me!!!

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I’m getting stuff done!!!

November 7, 2007 @ 1:53 am
posted by kris
Filed under: misc,podcast

OK, it really works to set goals and write them down and really focus on it. I know this, I have done this many, many times and yet, I always fall back on just having it “in my head”. What happens is that it never gets done. I have procrastinated editing the most recent podcast episode, just due to laziness and oh my god, I need so much time to do that. I was supposed to send Billy Reid his socks, they have been done since I got back from London. Can you believe since the time I told him I was making him socks to when I sent them (TODAY!) he moved from Victoria to Vancouver and back!

So, my goals for this week are:
1. Edit the podcast and get it uploaded
2. Send the socks to Billy which requires photographing, washing and coming up with a creative package for it
3. Make at least a rough draft of the pattern to get test knitted
4. Create my xmas list and figure out where I’m at knitting wise
5. Tell people to stop having so many babies that I can’t keep up with knitted gifts
6. Take pictures of some finished objects that have been sitting around waiting for me

So, I am proud to say that it is Tuesday, and #1 and #2 are DONE! #5 is also done, being that I posted it here, in which everyone who read it vows not to have a baby in the next 12-24 months. #4 is half done, and #6 will hopefully be done tomorrow. Which that leaves big #3 in question. Will I accomplish this feat that Ms. Flint Knits has been harassing me to? For her sake and mine, I hope the answer is yes.

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What does bockstark mean (pronounced bok-shtark)? My crazy German friend, Matthias, made that word up to mean "really cool" and says that it is catching on in Garmisch. So I am helping him popularize the word! I thought if I ever opened a yarn store, I would call it "Bockstark Yarns". This blog is all about my projects, yarns and crazy ideas related to knitting and other crafts. Contact me at bockstark.knits(at)gmail(dot)com.

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