Emerging from the black hole that is spinning

April 27, 2008 @ 9:30 am
posted by kris
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Ahhhh, I finally achieved what I wanted!

BFL – why don’t I love it more?

Merino/Tencel is amazing!!!

I have been literally holed up spinning. And spinning some more. And when that’s done, I spin. I love it so much and there’s so much to learn and explore – most immediately, I still have to learn how to ply tight without over-plying and to experiment with different fibers. It is *so* much fun!!! Knitting? what’s that again? Children? do I have them? Sleep? isn’t 4-5 hours a day enough?

I finally made a skein of yarn that was the reason why I started spinning in the first place. The colors come together then barber pole, then come together again and starts all over. For some reason, I’ve been only working with two colors – or variations on one color – light blue/dark blue, light green/dark green, etc. This skein was all kinds of colors and I absolutely love it – I want more more more!

I am currently spinning with BFL, and I don’t know if it’s this particular roving or what, but I am having a hard time with it. There are lots of “balls” (for lack of better word) in the roving that I have to pull out or sometimes if I’m lazy I will just spin it and it will create a little lump in the single, as well as it’s sticky in some parts. Maybe this one is slightly felted in places making it hard to spin? I have no idea. I’m starting to think that’s the case because there are parts of it that are super easy. hmmmm… I am getting more BFL in the near future so I will definitely try it again.

My next skein will be a merino/tencel blend and I spun up a little trial swatch and OMG, I LOVE it! It just glides out of my hand and spins itself! I am looking forward to completing the skein.

I also got some Pigeonroof Studios and Funky Carolina roving that I want to spin up as well – I just want to do it all! The great thing about spinning is that you get an FO much much faster than knitting, AND you have yarn all ready to knit up or add to your stash!

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Comment by Elemmaciltur

Made on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 @ 11:02 am

OMG….soon I’m going to be the one asking you for spinning tips.

Podcast!!! Edit it before you get your wheel, otherwise we’ll never get it out.

Next step: Get Cashyie to spin. :-p

Comment by Stacey

Made on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 @ 1:18 pm

Wow – another lovely skein! You are really a natural! It is so hard to be strong and not try spinning with all of the beautiful stuff:)

Comment by Lyn

Made on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 @ 1:38 pm

BFL is one of my favourite fibres, I’ve not noticed “balls” and I have used fibre from a variety of sources, so would say it is probably your roving. Having said that, I love the colours, goregous bluey, greeny, turquoise (or is that just my monitor?!).

Comment by Micki

Made on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 @ 2:56 pm

Hooray for spinning! You’ve made amazing progress. BTW, those balls in the fiber are called neps. It’s a highly technical term. :)

Comment by wiscjennyann

Made on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 @ 5:57 pm

OMG, it’s all so pretty!

I wonder if it’s just that particular BFL roving, because the first time I spun up BFL it was as if the clouds parted, the sun shone through, and choirs of midgets with wings started singing big, bold dominant seventh chords… Yes, really, it was just like that. Hope the next BFL batch is better for ya!

Comment by Jessica

Made on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 @ 7:16 pm

Oh just wait until you get to that Pigeonroof roving. Her colors are incredible! What color(s) and fiber(s) do you have?

Comment by stariel

Made on Monday, April 28th, 2008 @ 3:24 am

Wow, what gorgeous yarn! I need to spin more, every time I see handspun on blogs it makes me jealous. ;)

Comment by Jennie

Made on Monday, April 28th, 2008 @ 4:14 am

Your color choices are lovely. Keep them coming girl. Glad you are so excited and into your spinning. :)

Comment by Shannon

Made on Monday, April 28th, 2008 @ 4:53 pm

Beautiful work!

If you miss pulling out one of those nepps before you spin, you can still remove it. Before the yarn is taken onto the bobbin. Stop spinning and grad the little sucker. Pull it out by pulling towards the wheel. It should come out fairly easily.

I’ve seen these several times, but mostly in batts instead of top. They are little snarls of fiber created during the carding preperation.

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