Green with Envy!!!

November 12, 2008 @ 3:54 pm
posted by kris
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All Spun Up Oct SAL extrafine merino
All Spun Up SAL fiber
All Spun Up merino/bamboo
All Spun Up merino/bamboo

So I get a call from my husband this morning and he tells me that he has to fly to Los Angeles TODAY for work. First, my mind is upset because he gets to be a bachelor for 5 days. Not only that, he is a bachelor in LA! And he gets to eat at Taco Bell, and see old friends, oh yeah, he has to work, but still!!! And then he calls again demanding that I wash some clothes for him. Yeah, uh huh. And then he comes home to pack and then tells me that he has to go to CBS studios and is going to be in Burbank the whole time through the weekend because it’s cheaper for the company to stay overnight on Saturday. Gah, that bastard!!! OK, yes, harsh words, but I am so envious!

This week we have so much going on too. We have a parent-teacher conference with the preschool today, on Friday I have a big photo shoot to do (5 toddlers/4 mothers – nightmare!) and was counting on him to help me set up, and Thursday night we have a friend from Italy staying over and on Monday is our 19th anniversary!!!!! GAH!!!! He’ll be back by then (I think) and he better bring me back a good fibery present or I’m going to be so mad. OK, I’m not, and I probably sound like a raving lunatic, but I think that this has just never happened before. Usually he has a few weeks of warning and we can kind of prepare. But he was just whisked away and I feel so… lonely.

Anyways, enough about my jealous rant. I’ll include my latest spinning FO’s. They are both from All Spun Up. The yellowey one is the Spin-A-Long fiber and it was ok. I’m not a fan of extrafine merino, but it was still nice. Very nicely prepared. The other one is merino/bamboo and it was so wonderful to spin. It’s like there is some silver in there – it’s so shiny! I will certainly buy more!!!

I have also been doing a little knitting. I’ve been trying to motivate myself to knit on the Candle Flame shawl for my sister-in-law, but hell, I really am wishing I didn’t choose laceweight. But at the time, I had no other options. I’m maybe 1/2way done. I also started some Endpaper Mitts but thinking of frogging because my gauge is so loose. Argh!

With husband gone, I will probably get LOTS of spinning/knitting done! :) I guess that’s the good part. Heh.

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Buying a fleece

November 7, 2008 @ 2:15 pm
posted by kris
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OK, so after my last post about undyed spinning, my husband and I decided that what would be *REALLY* cool is to buy a fleece (I’m attracted to the shetland dark brown/black) and have it processed. The problem is – how do I buy one? from Germany? Since I am going to the states this winter, it would be really cool to buy one now, send it away to get processed, then have it sent to my parents where I can bring it home with me. Any recommendations? I would LOVE to go to a fiber festival and get one but .. there isn’t really any opportunity for me to do that. Are there places that sell fleeces? European places would be even better!

Also, I will need recommendations for processing mills! Thanks so much to everyone who responded, you have convinced me to make a zippered cardigan for the husband. :)

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Huh? Halloween is over?

November 3, 2008 @ 12:12 am
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We were oh so young
Michael and I in 1989

So, being in Germany, we didn’t celebrate Halloween. There is no trick-or-treating or dressing up. There are some stores that sell kinda Halloweeny things, but unless you know a lot of Americans, it just doesn’t seem like it exists. My poor boys, have only had one Halloween 3 years ago when they were 1. They probably will never go trick-or-treating. Kinda makes me sad. But ah well…

I uploaded some old pictures of me to flickr and one of them got a lot of attention. People thought it was our Halloween costume! That’s how dated it was. I had to laugh – our hair – so big! Check it out! This month we will have been 19 years together. Yep, nineteen. Freaky.

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