Everyone should make a fleece lined hat!

March 8, 2010 @ 10:01 pm
posted by kris
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Michael's new climbing chullo
Michael’s new chullo
Bockstark Handspun 2ply sw merino laceweight in Malaekahana
this one took me a year to finish!
Bee Mice Elf alpaca/silk in Secluded
Bee Mice Elf alpaca/silk

I just finished lining Michael’s new chullo hat with fleece. I’ve never done that before and couldn’t believe how easy it was! The best part about it is that because I knitted it loose, it came out slightly too big for him, and the fleece makes it fit PERFECTLY! For more detailed instructions, see this article from techknitting.

After I was done knitting that, I got the spinning bug again! It took me about a year to finish off this 2ply and was amazed that I got 680 yards!!! I think that is a record for me. After I finished that one up, I started right away on some alpaca/silk from Bee Mice Elf. I bought it awhile back and am in love with the colors. For some reason, I’ve been really hankering to spin with alpaca, have no idea why!! It’s great to be spinning again!

And on that note, I opened up my etsy shop again and added a few new yarns.

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